Public Editor's 'Office Hours' - November 19

Margaret Sullivan, the public editor of The New York Times, conducted her first 'Office Hours' on Twitter on Monday, using the hashtag #OpenPublic. Some of the highlights are included below, from The Times's coverage of the conflict in Israel and Gaza to what constitutes a journalistic trend.


  1. There were questions about the role of the public editor and how it is perceived in The Times newsroom..
  2. .. to how The Times has covered the conflict in Israel and Gaza through Monday, Nov. 19.
  3. Some readers asked about Times standards and guidelines..
  4. .. and some wanted to know about Times trends stories and its fascination with Brooklyn.
  5. The public editor will be conducting a second day of office hours on Twitter on Tuesday, Nov. 20.  You can send a message to the public editor on Twitter (@sulliview) or follow the conversation by using the hashtag #OpenPublic.