ComparingCosts of Living in Germany and Switzerland


  1. When we talk about the cost of living in European countries, most of us would say it is very high. Well, it may be higher if compared with other parts of the world; one cannot simply paste this tag on every country of Europe. There are many countries where living is not too much of a costly affair as most say. From a student’s point of view who wants to go to Europe for study, it is very important to know the cost of living in that country before applying for study there.
    In this article, we are going to do a brief comparison of the costs of living in two neigh bouring European countries – Germany and Switzerland.

  2. Germany

    The cost of living in Germany is quite reasonable as compared to other European countries and is close to the average of the European countries. The cost of studying in Germany depends on where you're studying. The cost of studying in Germany may be high or low depending on where you are living. Cities like Munich are clearly more expensive than Leipzig or Würzburg. In most cases, it could be difficult to cover one's study and living expenses without a part-time job.
    The monthly expenses of a student in Germany can be around € 850 out of which accommodation costs most as around € 350 a month. Then there are other expenses for food and clothing which is not much. Students are also expected to pay an amount towards semester contribution which is € 250 for six months, on an average.
    Apart from these, students also might have to pay some tuition fees and health insurance. Students receive discounts and concessions at many places like cinema, transport, public venues, etc.

  3. Switzerland

    Switzerland is counted among the most expensive places to live in the world for several years.Thus it is wise to say that the cost of living in Switzerland is very high and out of the scope of an average person. Only house rent may cost you around 3500 Swiss Francs (~€3000) a month.Apart from that, there are several other expenditures like food, utilities, education, health, transport, etc. which are nowhere near affordable. All in all, we can say that Switzerland is a quite expensive country to live in.
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