Catrin Einhorn

Producer at The New York Times, focusing on multimedia projects. Former public radio reporter.

Fast Company

Official Twitter feed for the Fast Company business media brand; inspiring readers to think beyond traditional boundaries & create the future of business.

Jessica Roy

Editor at

Myles McNutt

PhD Candidate in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and television critic at Cultural Learnings/The A.V. Club.

JewishBoy Problems

I have brown eyes and hair. My legs are uncomfortably hairy. My dream is to crack 5'8. I think my Dad works in finance and my Mom loves to spend his money.

Cynthia Collins

@NYTimes digital marketing/social media. Professional fan of Springsteen & E Street Band, Yankees baseball & surfing. Man, the dope's that there's still hope.


Trends & Insights. An amalgamation of right now & 10 years down the road. Strategist

Jake Beckman

Assignment Editor @BloombergTV. Social media journalist. Formerly at ABC News.


The world's leading business and finance website and the online home to @FortuneMagazine and @Money Magazine.

Jace Lacob

TV Columnist, The Daily Beast/Newsweek (; Founder, Televisionary; TV Industry Survivor; Unrepentant Foodie and Cocktail Enthusiast


Making the web tell a story. Sorting through the noise to find the voices online that matter. Co-founded by @burtherman and @xdamman