Jonathan Ng

@HuffingtonPost writer. Contributor for @Yahoo news and @USAToday

Bobby Remis

Forrest Barnum

True story: only @AKimCampbell and I can bring sunlight to Signal Hill on Canada Day. Clearly we are of one essence.

Amy Nicole Verhey

@EdelmanCHI | @UWMadison alum, #OnWisconsin | Good food advocate | Sucker for social media, PR & craft cocktails | Drop a line | Ideas are my owm

Melissa Wiese

Sacramento Business Journal's (@sacbiz) digital editor. Interested in business news, social media, journalism, tech news and general geekery.


Writer, reader, eater, very young person. I work with books and content. I'm probably your Rushmore.

Kaitlyn Sawrey

20-something human RSS feed, radio native and Executive Producer of triple j's current affairs show, Hack. We're the youth bit of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Juicing Diet Works

I Love Juicing. Find out if Juicing would work for you or Not. This is not another FAD diet, but it's about drinking your fruits and vegetables. Unlock the Vital Nutrients and Raw Power of Mother Nature.

Doug Villumsen

I love writing poems and songs. I'm an artist by heart but recently, I've ventured into the world of marketing. Learn more about me by visiting my blog.

Fasada Home Remodeling

Fasada was founded in 1999 under the name The Travelling Window Store Corp.

Erika Herzog

big music fan. used to work in the movie business a little bit. love weaving and knitting. own a banjo. haven't picked up the corn cob pipe. yet.


Live in Murwillumbah, Northern New South Wales, Australia.


The Daily Dot

The Daily Dot is the hometown newspaper of the World Wide Web.