Alberto Cairo on "the next generation of data viz"

Overview of NICAR 2014 session

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  1. University of Miami Assistant Professor and author Alberto Cairo kicked off Thursday's sessions at the NICAR Conference with the presentation "The Next Generation of Data Viz." In it, he provided several of his predictions for the future of data visualizations.
  2. Like all great presentations should, Cairo started out showing a visualizing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (among other TV shows) stats:
  3. He then discussed several of his predictions for data journalism, including the fact that designers and journalists will become better at numbers and evidence.
  4. Cairo also cautioned journalists from the phenomenon of "patternicity" which can lead to bias.
  5. Other predictions from Cairo included a future of encoding data more than once, placing an increased importance on writing around the visuals and the rise of motion data visualizations.
  6. This panel was a great way to start off the NICAR 2014 Conference for me. As a journalist and an instructor of journalism students, it's interesting to be able to peer a little bit into the future of data journalism and see where it's heading. I particularly appreciate Cairo's focus on design and desire to move visualizations beyond just the hard numbers. Great session!