1. @jonginn I cant say a big enough thank-you for this. Sorting out my tickets late-on and then putting on a blinder of a weekend. Awesome job!
  2. Great weekend at #bcbomo5: saw a Lego laptop, learnt about NASA, ran a failure swapshop, met awesome people + this:  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unique-marketing-edge-buy-THE-new-buzz-word-your-tech-business-needs-SXSW-/230943503884 itm/Unique-marketing-edge-buy-THE-new-buzz-word-your-tech-business-needs-SXSW-/230943503884
  3. .@jonginn’s “Let’s get sassy” is turning out to be a really good talk on CSS pre-processors!
  4. Mind just been blown by @jonginn, will be spending this week learning SASS! #BCBomo5
  5. #BCBomo5 was amazing! So glad that I went this year, some truly inspirational talks & a lot of lovely people gathering together :)
  6. What I love about BarCamps are all the seemingly 'throw away' remarks which actually add to the discussion, learnt a lot, thanks #bcbomo5
  7. Just got the calculator out to work out some CSS numbers, feel I should be using Sass instead after @jonginn talk at #BCBomo5 today.
  8. "it took skydiving for me to solve this problem". @andytouch is mental. but interesting. HE MAKES GAMES. #BCBomo5
  9. #bcbomo5 was great fun! ace people, ace speakers and ace organisation! And thanks to those who came to see me talk about art in Unity3D. :)
  10. Home from a fantastic #bcbomo5. Thanks to the organisers and fellow attendees. Good stuff.
  11. So #bcbomo5 was awesome. Had to leave early :( If you Missed it this year, you've missed a treat.
  12. Loved meeting fellow developers and enthusiasts at #BCBomo5, had an amazing weekend! People even listened to me talk about stuff!
  13. Fantastic first experience of #BCBomo5 even for a programming noob, I feel wiser, inspired and nicer for meeting an awesome bunch of people.
  14. Wow! Last weekend's #bcbomo5 event was brilliant, fantastic, outstanding. People were inspirational. Made me yearn for my Uni days again.
  15. Great weekend thanks to @bcbournemouth. Great work all involved and who attended.
  16. Great to see some familiar faces and listen to some rather interesting tech talks today at @bcbournemouth!
  17. wikiTrumps I made at #BCbomo5  http://www.reghif.co.uk/wikiTrumps k/wikiTrumps About page for code/details...contains meerkats. Battle!