Make Your Home Office Pop with Personal Touches

As more and more people are turning to freelancing and entrepreneurial jobs, home offices are becoming a very hot commodity. However, the thought of a room with a desk in it at home is about as appealing as the thought of a room with a desk in it at an office.

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  1. Working from home means having more freedom to express yourself and surround yourself with things that both make you happy and remind you of why you're working hard.

    Give yourself ample shelving and storage space, a relaxation zone, a reading nook, and even a kid-friendly entertainment 'corner'.
  2. 1 - Storage Space Your Way.

  3. Storage space and shelving doesn't have to be boring. Consider built-in bookshelves and hidden storage in foot rests and benches. Add your favorite colors, fabrics, and prints to really give this a personal flair.
  4. 2 - Chillax - You're at Home.

  5. Adding a relaxation zone is an amazing way to give your office a zen feel. Add a lounger, some potted plants or a vase of your favorite flowers, and soft lighting. Your favorite scented wax or incense wouldn't go amiss, either!
  6. 3 - Your Own Personal Library.

  7. Whether you want to fill your shelves with your favorite reads, books on success, or volumes dedicated to your freelancing gigs (or maybe a bit of all of the above!), adding a small reading nook is a great way to personalize your home office.
  8. 4 - A Kiddie Corner.

  9. Having a small area set aside for when you want to take a break with your kids is a wonderful way to personalize your home office. Have an assigned area where you can play with your kids. Designate an area for a small table, a few games, and a couple of easy-to-put-away toys so that you can enjoy your kids even when you're working.

    Other ways you can personalize your home office is to add family photos, mementos, inspirational quotes, customized fixtures, and color schemes. You may have to work at home, but you don't have to confine yourself to a boring office to do it!

    If you're at a complete and total loss for what to do in your home office, there are tons of ideas online. Doing a quick search for 'home office ideas' or, better yet, 'personal home office ideas' will yield tons of results for you to look over.

    If you're really at a loss, ask yourself these few questions:

    What helps you stay focused? If organization helps you stay on track, then consider adding extra cubbies, shelves, and drawers.

    What helps you relax? If your freelance gig is a stressful one, you may consider not just a relaxation area, but a stress ball for your desk or massage pad for your chair.

    What does your at-home job require? (Sound booth, low lighting, craft storage?)

    What drives you to work, even on days you feel like giving up?

    What is your overarching goal? (If you're an aspiring author, perhaps a picture of your favorite author will help to inspire you.)

    Whatever personalization you choose to do to your home office, you'll end up thanking yourself. Personalizing your home office is the best way to get in the right headspace to work, remind yourself of why you work hard, and unwind when you need to.
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