Super Bowl: Reliving 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh's acting career

Jim Harbaugh is playing the role of little brother Sunday when his 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens and his big brother John in Super Bowl XLVII Sunday. Fortunately for the 49ers, Harbaugh's career as an actor was forgettable. So we'll provide a reminder.

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  1.  A Screeching halt

  2. A familiar Harbaugh theme -- family -- dominated Jim's visit to "Saved By The Bell" in 1996.
  3. Jim Harbaugh (49ers Coach) on Saved By The Bell
  4. Jim Harbaugh? You mean the actor who played Screech's cousin in Saved by the Bell is in the Super Bowl? Who's coaching next year? Matt Damon? 
  5. Character actor trapped in the body of a coach

  6. How many of you knew that Harbaugh played with the Cowboys? He was essentially Terry Bradshaw's backup here.
  7. Jim Harbaugh as a cowboy in "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." (1994)
  8. Even Alex Smith sees the irony in Harbaugh's current commercial role of a man having someone else  step in for him.
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  10. After all these years, Harbaugh is able to see the comedic value of his other career
  11. Proof that Jim Harbaugh has always sought the spotlight?
  12. Jim Harbaugh Celebrates Rick Leach TD
  13. Oh, there are even more old classic Harbaugh performances out there
  14. Journalistic Integrity - This is SportsCenter
  15. TV Commercial Jim Harbaugh - 1996
  16. Jim Harbaugh, professional racing team owner.
  17. 1998 Indycar Phoenix - Jim Harbaugh feature
  18. A performance two weeks ago that he's probably not proud of.