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Jona W. Miler

Howdy. My name is Jona W Miler. I was born on July 25, 1978 and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I’m pretty keen on Wordpress, writing, and music. I also love taking photos. WordPress I’m a developer of WordPress that has been used by nearly 80 billion sites in the world. WordPress is consider “a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform”, but more importantly I’m just WordPressing my life away. As same as eating, breathing, or music, I can’t not work on WordPress. And I feel myself very lucky because of being able to work on something I passionate. Professional I took an Arts and Sciences course at the University of Dayton, where provided me an in-depth opportunities for exploring IT fields, especially Wordpress. After graduating, I began my writing career as a journalist. My first book was about Wordpress that took me 3 months to write. And it also generated my inspiration in Wordpress. Then I cooperated with some famous magazines and publications to push out the tons of content. Loving playing with content, I imagine that the pace can drive me crazy someday. But until now, I want to keep delivering our followers instructions and useful advices in a very non-geeky way. I also do a podcast here and have been told that I have one of the deepest voices around. I enjoy sharing what I know, and my mission is to help my readers win Wordpress platform and succeed at their business. So if you deliver the same care to Wordpress, band together and find the true voices for us :)