The Biggest Chore When You’re Farming as a Hobby


  1. Farming as a hobby can be quite freeing. You get to enjoy alot of the same benefits and the satisfaction, without the pressure to make ityour primary source of income. That said, it can also be a lot of very hardwork. And unless you go into it to properly prepared – both mentally, and withthe proper tools to make work efficient and enjoyable, it may start to feellike thankless work.

  2. When springtime is well underway, things get exciting –plants begin to flourish and you begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor.Unfortunately, however, the grass begins to grow at accelerated rates as well.With the thriving of the grass, comes perhaps the most time-consuming chore onthe farm: mowing.
    Your tractor, parts, and mowerblades will often be one of the biggest, and most important, investmentsyou’ll make on a farm. The type of landscape, terrain, and turf will affectyour choice of mower and blades. Be sure you have something powerful enough tohandle the job.

  3. Whether you’re looking for a 20-inch lawn mower blade, a21-inch lawn mower blade, a 22-inch lawn mower blade, or a 42-inch lawn mowerblade, be sure you choose a store that offers warranties and has aknowledgeable staff. When looking for all kinds of mower equipment, choose aretailer that carries blades to fit top brands like Honda, Husqvarna, MTD,Murray, Craftsman, Toro, and John Deere. Your chosen retailer should also carrytop mower-blade styles such as mulching, Gator®, and high-lift, as well as topmower types like rotary, push mowers, zero turn, and ride-on styles.

  4. Similarly, finding cheap lawn mower parts, cheap lawn mowertires, and cheap lawn mower blades doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found poorquality. With persistence, you can find a truly good deal. If you can findcheap mower parts from a trusted retailer and a trusted brand, that’s great.
    Remember to protect your mower and mower blades as you workby being very familiar with the landscape, walking it over on foot to check forlarge rocks, tree roots, and other debris that could be a hindrance. Moreimportant, this will help protect you from avoidable accidents as you work.