Design Enterprise - Jolene Guthrie

My engagement with this module and the many insights I have gained from it. From meeting designers to business models, finance and gaining internships with design labels i aspire to be like. #DESENT15 has been an inspiring journey. Look out for Non-Concrete-Knits emerging soon.


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  2. Me and my team, Doorstep Creatives recieved such valuable information from our interview with Katy Birchall, the designer behind the amazing brand, Winston. She has become a real inspiration to my own work through her impressive use of social media, creating a strong online profile and also her great insights into running your own fashion brand. We have kept in contact and she has offered me to intern with her on a project coming up in the future.
  3. Building a Personal Brand: Jacob Cass at TEDxCMU 2011
  4. Storyboard of The Lean Startup Introduction
  5. On attending the personal branding workshop with Jeffrey Lovejoy from Enterprise Rent A Car i learnt many skills that will enable me to successfully brand myself and my business idea. Networking, communication and appearance stood out to me to be key in helping you create a memorable brand.
  6. It was amazing to see and listen to such an inspiration from the fashion industry that is, Katharine Hamnett in my own university. Her presentation, Protest and Survive was full of iconic images and the message of Love your Clothes was very clear. She said "People want sustainable luxury with a story", I hope to meet this demand with my own brand.
  7. Katharine Hamnett talk! #inspiring #textiles #katharinehamnett #desent15
    Katharine Hamnett talk! #inspiring #textiles #katharinehamnett #desent15
  8. Jen Ballie spoke to us about Fashion Revolutions campaign ,"Who made my clothes?" I feel this project relates well to my own work. By using the customisable aspect to my garments and accessories i hope the customer will keep my product for longer as they have helped design it, but also they know where and how it has been made.
  9. A very interesting talk by Fi Scott of Make Works that helps people discover local fabrication through their own curated directions of the Scottish industry. On using the website i have now found local makers in the textile industry that could help me on many different projects. Such a great and easy tool to use, so glad i went to this talk.
  10. "We should believe in the young people of Scotland and be able to create our own jobs here, to improve Scotlands creative future." One of Lauren Curries projects, Dearest Scotland allowing us to express our feelings on the future of Scotland.
  11. After attending the Health Service Design Challenge my team decided to enter the YIC as we had nothing to lose. Unfortunately we didnt get through but i gained more valuable experience and worked successfully in a team creating an outcome that we were very satisfied with.