Foodways Texas Symposium Takes on Barbecue

The State of Foodways Academe: After 3 Days in Austin, My Clothes Still Smell Like Smoke.


  1. Marvin Bendele directs Foodways Texas, a three-year-old nonprofit, based at the University of Texas in Austin. They take a similar tack to the SFA, with a tighter focus. Foodways Texas preserves, promotes, and celebrates the diverse food cultures of Texas. 
  2. Like the SFA, Foodways Texas collects oral histories and makes films. 
  3. The theme of Foodways Texas's third annual symposium, held last weekend, was barbecue. 
  4. Toni Tipton Martin, an SFA founder, was one of the speakers. 
  5. Barbecue pitmasters, both newfangled and traditional, stepped out of the smoke to talk. 
  6. FTX set a generous table. 
  7. Like SFA, they take their work seriously. But they don't take themselves too seriously. 
  8.  At their bbq symposium, steers got their due. But so did crabs. And shrimp. And oysters. 
  9. The ties between SFA and FTX are strong. Lindsey Reynolds, below, will arrive in Oxford this fall to work on a master's degree in Southern Studies. 
  10. Jim Gossen, a longtime SFA supporter, is a Foodways Texas stalwart.
  11. Over here in Oxford, we admire what FTX is up to and will continue to try and help them as much as we are able.