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How to Cook Perfect Oven Roasted Vegetables

Healthy eating has never been that easy


  1. 20160317-23-Roast asparagus with watercress, radish and fermented garlic at Monty's in Hobart
    20160317-23-Roast asparagus with watercress, radish and fermented garlic at Monty's in Hobart
  2. Roast vegetables are undoubtedly one of the best things to cook.They compete with the best steaks and pasta, because of their sweet and spicy crisp that makes wonders in the oven.
  3. Speaking of the cooker – make sure it is in tip top condition. My Slough oven can certify for that. For the perfect flavour and easy roasting, do a fair share of oven cleaning once every month. Needless to say, better meals come out of a shiny stove.
  4. Apart from that vegetables are easy to cook – and are healthy,too.
  5. There are no reasons to not eat even more from them than you do now, especially during the colder months, when the hot oven is a pleasant perk in the kitchen, whereas the root vegetables are plenty.
  6. The only thing that prevents the revolution of roasted vegetables is that not everybody knows how awesome they are. What I suspect is,this is due to the fact that not everyone knows to trick to bake veggies. Or knows how to use the oven chamber. In fact, that's a very simple thing, which, however, has its taboos and recommendations.
  7. As I live in Slough, I am away from the noise and stutter of London, plus I have a house, so I maintain a garden with all kinds of different vegetables. I am not able to produce enough for the winter, but during the warmer months it's quite easy to get myself a fresh natural supply of vegetables.
  8. Here's what you need to know:
  9. Wash the cooker

  10. But not every time before/after you cook. That's virtually close to impossible. What I do on a day-to-day basis is swiping the dirt and oil splatters from the oven hob burners at home. They are ceramic, and easy to keep clean this way. The chamber, though, requires more special attention. If not cleaned for a while, it is a sure-fire source of bacteria and microbes – you don't want any extra of those in your daily menu. This is why every other month I scrub the hell out of our home cooker – as expert Slough oven cleaners recommend, that's quite the appropriate time span for polishing a regularly used oven.
  11. Place a baking paper sheet with a border

  13. You need a bordered sheet, because you don't really want the vegetable juices to leak through the edge of the baking tray, whereas the foil is useful, because it will make the cleaning easier. It means, no spillages inside the utensil, but also in the oven chamber. I always prefer cooking with aluminium foil/baking paper sheets – but generally tend to buy a bit more expensive ones, because cheap ones are easy to tear and the oils leak and smears the cooker anyway.
  14. Roast the similar vegetables together and keep them the same size

  15. The vegetables cook with different speed. When you cook similar veggies together – for example, root vegetables with root vegetables and so on – you can guarantee they will roast evenly.
  16. Cut them in similar sizes, due to the same reason I explained above.
  17. Oil the vegetables

  18. Which doesn't mean, drown them in oil, but make sure that each piece is slightly covered in oil – if there are puddles of fat in the frying pan, that means you overdid it.
  19. A tablespoon or two of oil (the best is olive oil, coconut oil or cole-seed oil) on a sheet of vegetables is usually enough.
  20. Remember, some vegetables require more fat – mostly the spongelike ones, such as eggplants and mushrooms. Don't forget to add a dash of salt.
  21. You also don't want any extra oil to splatter around the oven and make your cleaning job later even more difficult, do you?
  22. Give them space

  23. Never overfill the cooking pan. The roast vegetables are something incredibly delicious – so I can understand if you want to tuck as much as you can in the oven.
  24. Do try to resist this temptation, though. If you leave them space, they will be more delicious, because they can roast instead of just steam cook. Quality > quantity.
  25. Do not take them out too soon