EuroIA: Pervasive IA for the Sentient City, Andre Resmini & Luca Rosati

Andrea Resmini & Luca Rosati, Independent (IT) gave a talk on the IA of cities based on their recent book Pervasive Information Architecture. Above all, they suggested that we need to consider an information layer in the physical environment.

  1. The presentation is based on Resmini and Rosati's book 'Pervasive Information Architecture'
  2. "We live in an 'etcetera, a rhizome'. "
    [Rosati, being a good Italian, references Umberto Eco's Infinity of Lists]
  3. There are some interesting examples of how we interact with the world, such as Foursquare's map of one week's worth of checkins in NYC.
  4. Rosati suggests using an information seeking strategy as pioneered by Marcia Bates.
  5. @resmini's diagram based on Marcia Bates' information seeking #euroia