EuroIA Opening Plenary: Luke Wroblewski

Wroblewski aka @lukew (who Eric Reiss reminded us is actually European, specifically Polish, despite his American accent), kicked off the conference with a lot of predictions and data. According to him, the future is social, and if not mobile, certainly involving devices we haven't even thought of.


  1. Social

    Woblewski started with a before-and-after example from Brightkite to show the use of social in the web.
    The before involved the dreaded webform (with "scary" text) and a "so what?" afterwards.
    The after uses Facebook Connect both for login and suggestions afterwards.

  2. Social is big. Facebook Connect boasts not only an 800m userbase from Facebook, but also that 500m of them will be logged in at any one time.

    It's also had huge pickup in use in 3rd party apps:

    in 2008: 60m/17%

    2009: 100m/22%

    2010: 250m/30%

  3. Mobile
    The mobile field is also increasing exponentially:
    Amazon has done >$1bn on it in the last 12 months and Best Buy doubles sales through it each year (now at 30m)