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Russian and American Colleges of Journalism and Mass Comm Collaborate

The deans of the colleges of journalism and mass communication at Lomonosov Moscow State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have agreed to collaborate academically. The students and faculty at both institutions are working together, and will continue to cooperate on future projects.


  1. The English-speaking Russian students and the students from Nebraska spent a lot of time together working on projects and exploring Moscow. There were many lectures at Moscow State University, and many important speakers presented their ideas and projects. 

    Andrey Vyrkovsky, an associate professor of journalism at MSU, gave a lecture about Russian radio and print media. He said Russia doesn't have the equivalent of an FCC, but has limited airspace, which can be highly competitive.  

    Mikhail Makeenko spoke to the students about Russian television. He compared Russian and American television, and said that Russians are watching a lot of television. He was surprised that the number of Americans watching television is dropping in the U.S.

    Other Russian journalists and media experts gave presentations on Russian media. 

    The students toured RT News (Russia Today), an English language international news station, that gives the world news from the Russian prospective. The station has many different types of television channels, but the students focused mostly on the news station. The students heard lectures from executives, met and spoke with employees, toured the English and Arabic language newsrooms and toured the studio during a live newscast. 

    The excursion throughout Russia was coordinated by Alexander Zolotarev, who works for Sochi Reporter and at MSU. 

    The collaboration between the two universities will offer many opportunities for Russians and Americans. American students will be able to come to Russia to study, and Russian students will be able to study in the U.S. There will be professor exchanges and a lot of information sharing between the universities. The agreement to collaborate will have many benefits for everyone.

  2. This slideshow shows the two deans speaking, and pictures of the Faculty of Journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University.
  3. Gary Kebbel, dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln spoke about the agreement and collaboration between the two journalism colleges.

  4. Elena Vartanova, dean of the Lomonosov Moscow State University's Faculty of Journalism, spoke about the cooperation between the colleges, social media and the application of new technology.

  5. Dean Kebbel spoke about mobile media in Russia
  6. Dean Vartonova said Dean Kebbel has a lot of experience with mobile media and new technology.
  7. Dean Kebbel said the plan to have students and faculty from Nebraska go to Russia was planned after his previous trip to Moscow State University.
  8. Dean Vartonova said Russia and the U.S. have similar technology, but use that technology differently. 
  9. Dean Vartonova said new media's use by the younger generation will have a positive impact on freedom of speech in Russia. 
  10. Russian and American students at Lomonosov Moscow State University's Faculty of Journalism
  11. Russian students in a hallway at the Faculty of Journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University