National response to boy's murder trial

The murder trial of a 12-year-old boy has drawn attention from across the country.

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  1. Live coverage from reporter John Asbury while in court:
  2. The case grew national attention with more than a dozen media outlets in court for the ruling:
  3. Readers weigh in with their reaction:
  4. If he does not get mental health his crimes will be repeated. Again America needs to stop ignoring the mental health issues of this nation or more senseless killing will happen
  5. God bless his soul...he is a product of his upbringing...
  6. So very wrong. So very sad. He needs to be in a mental hospital not jail. So very wrong.
  7. Too young to be locked up. Sad that he was overlooked in the system. It's a shame because more kids are being overlooked in the system because these social workers are overworked. Their caseloads are too much.
  8. Unfortunately, this kid is probably done. THAT is the reality. Sad.
  9. I am so disappointed in the outcome of this trial. That boy should not be locked up.
  10. This is atrocious. What happened to protecting our children?
  11. So sad poor kid and so true about mental health and especially when the are over 18
  12. They admit the system overlooked him, and how sad he felt ha had to take matters into his own hands. I hope he gets placed not in a juvenile detention center, but in a place where he may get therapy to hopefully move on from the emotional wounds he suffered from abuse.
  13. Goes to show that Yes as children they Feel the Hurt. And just like humans we all take abuse differently.
  14. Another ....I believe mental health issue over LOOKED.... What 10 year old kid do you know ? 10 years old that's a baby !! someone's missing something here.