Reinventing organizations - Frederic Laloux

A book I would like I had written it myself (but never could have written, since I'm not a researcher). A plea for Creative Interchange! I read this book in week 9 of 2015 and this storify is based on the Twitter tsunami the reading provoked.


  1. Somehow I sensed from the beginning on that this book was worthy of some tweets. It turned out te be a real 'tsunami'.
  2. It struck me that 'searching for more Authentic ways of being' is really about searching for being our Original Self; which we do if we are reconnecting with our intrinsic WORTH, with Creative Interchange. Therefor the following tweet:
  3. Indeed I went through some major paradigm shifts myself in my life, so I concur with this forecast.
  4. This is reality: some organizations are still working in 'Amber', most organizations in 'Organge', some in 'Green' and a few already in 'Teal'. Therefor the following tweets.
  5. For more about my 'shocks in life' see some columns on (some are in Dutch, some in English)