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RodeoHouston concert: Enrique Iglesias

Reviewing 20 days of concerts inside Reliant Stadium -- with a little help from you. Tweet me your thoughts, photos and more to @joeyguerra.


  1. Never experienced a RodeoHouston performer quite like Enrique Iglesias. Not sure anyone will come close to that intense energy anytime soon.
  2. BABY I LIKE IT. With Auto Tune. It works.
  3. Circling the stadium to sing 'Escape' for fans. He's all over the arena. Another fan escorted by the man himself onstage. A sweet 'Hero' serenade.
  4. Enrique wants a fan to come onstage. Scream! Scream! Scream! "You with the cowboy hat? Hey, hey, security. It's OK. Let her come up." Awesome. Three girls ended up onstage. And he took a tequila shot with one of them.
  5. Uh-oh. He's offstage and at the gate near fans during 'Bailamos.' You can almost feel the frantic energy. Nonstop screaming. Launches into 'Cuando Me Enamoro' when he's back onstage.
  6. A rockier version of 'No Me Digas Que No,' first Spanish song of the night. Seems to energize the crowd.