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An iOS user migrates to Android

In an effort to decrease my monthly cell phone costs and to increase flexibility for my numerous international travels, I decided to port my cell number to Google Voice and migrate away from iOS to Android. $35/mo. with no contract for unlimited HSPA+ data, voice, and text on T-Mobile is amazing.


  1. I have no idea who at Google thought that shipping a phone, by default, with two versions of two core applications/functionality was a good idea, but they should be fired.
  2. I've since decided that the vibrate on touch is annoying only because the vibration on the Galaxy Nexus is extremely loud and there appears to be no way to turn it off for the keyboard.
  3. Good news! The @1Password team replied immediately to this tweet to say that a new version of the app is currently in the works.
  4. @mg confirms that @Circa is working on an Android application as well. (If you're interested, @Circa is hiring a full-time Android developer
  5. I believe there is a strong opportunity on Android to develop premium paid applications. This is sorely missing in the Google Play marketplace. I wouldn't hesitate to pay good money for a solid Twitter client and/or RSS reader.
  6. I can't stress enough how amazing the search functionality is that's built into the phone. The combination of Google Now and their voice search is just spectacular. My only quibble is that it's really difficult to get at as you need to unlock your phone and then do an awkward swipe.
  7. This was when the lightbulb went off on how awesome this new setup was. The Galaxy Nexus is 100% unlocked and will work on any GSM network. If you're a world traveler, I can't recommend this setup enough. Since Google Voice forwards to Skype it ends up ringing on my laptop and my phone, which is kind of nice at work.