The future of place-based learning in a virtual world, ELI 2016

On Feb. 3, 2016, I participated in a panel on the topic of "The future of place-based learning in a virtual world" with Diane Graves, Raechelle Clemmons, and moderated by Bryan Alexander. This is my attempt to go back through the Twitter record and figure out what the heck I said.


  1. This is not a complete record of the Twitter conversation about our panel. Elements may be out of chronological order for any of a variety of reasons. Some of the reading we did before the session is available at:
  2. Bryan's first question laid it right out there:
  3. My answer was based on the tendency of digital education initiatives to focus on the individual - which is good and right, but does risk losing the benefits of coming together for learning.
  4. And Raechelle promptly called me out for dichotomous thinking. (I think this was the most contentious moment at a session which was, at one point, considered as a "debate".)
  5. We continued to plumb the question of face to face as a distinctive niche for liberal arts colleges:
  6. We even suggested that high-touch schools might be able to stem the tide of the "wretched hive of scum and villainy" which is the comments section.