1. Manchester is getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year the year of the monkey on the 8th of February but Manchester has already got into the spirit in Albert Square which has been decorated in Lanterns.
  2. Chinese New Year is a very interesting event, the festivities commonly start the day before the new year and last until the Lantern Festival which is the 15th day of the new year. This year it is the year of the monkey and what this means is every year it changes from 12 different types of animal which all appear on the Chinese zodiac, the monkey is the 9th animal on the cycle. So what does it mean to be a monkey? Well tradition tells us that the monkey has characteristic of quick-witted, curious, innovative, mischievous and lively but we are also told that this sign has to be one of the most unluckiest signs. Although it might be the unluckiest out of the bunch it still has some lucky characteristics such as numbers 1,7 and 8. White, gold and blue are seen as lucky colours too.
  3. #lunarnewyear #yearofthemonkey2016 #yearofthemonkey #intelligence #agility #curiosity #2016goals #2016 #bloomiesnyc #bloomies
    #lunarnewyear #yearofthemonkey2016 #yearofthemonkey #intelligence #agility #curiosity #2016goals #2016 #bloomiesnyc #bloomies
  4. What happens on Chinese New Year is similar to how some of us celebrate it here in the UK. First they get the house clean ready for the New Year which is called “sweeping the dust”, this represents a wish to put away old things, bid farewell to the old year, and welcome the New Year. On New Years Eve they put decorations up such as red lanterns, red couplets, New Year paintings and in this year images of monkeys. The whole family gets together for a reunion dinner and this is seen as a must do in many chinese families so the pressure to get home for New Years Eve is high. The whole family then stay up late so they can "keep a watch over the year" this is then followed by lighting fireworks and firecrackers. After this it is now time to go see you relatives and friends to wish them a happy new year!
  5. What celebrity shares the year of the monkey?

  6. #mickjagger #therollingstones
    #mickjagger #therollingstones
  7. Ross. #soultrain #dianaross #dianarossandthesupremes #afro #lovehairstyle #hairstyle #60s #70s #blackisbeautiful
    Ross. #soultrain #dianaross #dianarossandthesupremes #afro #lovehairstyle #hairstyle #60s #70s #blackisbeautiful
  8. Gettin weady fo tonight folks! Distract from pimpzzZz byyyy doin collllaaaaa brow! (Pimple pimpz)
    Gettin weady fo tonight folks! Distract from pimpzzZz byyyy doin collllaaaaa brow! (Pimple pimpz)
  9. Mick Jagger, Diana Ross and Miley Cyrus all born in the year of the monkey including many more!
  10. What Chinese zodiac sign do you belong to?

  11. Above is a chart to help you found what animal belongs to you from the year you were born in.
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