Live Twitter Q + A with Rebecca Mead, author of "My Life in Middlemarch" #1book140

Wednesday evening, The Atlantic's Twitter book club held a live Twitter Q&A with Rebecca Mead, a New Yorker staff writer and author of "My Life in Middlemarch." We've archived the conversation here.


  1. We began the Q & A with a challenge: I asked Rebecca to condense her love for Middlemarch into a bite-sized Tweet. 
  2. Rebecca discussed discovering Eliot for the first time,  re-reading her, and what it's like to listen on audiobook.
  3. She addressed Dorothea's idealistic longing to do good.
  4. Characters. There are a lot of them in Middlemarch, and readers wanted to know Rebecca's thoughts. Which ones are relatable, which are not? And where do Eliot's sympathies lie?