Sustainable Food: From farm to table

A public symposium organised by the MRes Ecosystem and Environmental Change students at Silwood Park campus, Imperial College London | 3 August 2016 | 5.30pm to 9.00pm | G34, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, South Kensington, London


  1. What is the state of food production globally, and how will current and future environmental change affect it? In the UK, how are business,industry and us as consumers contributing to that and even more importantly,what can we do to reduce our impact and move towards a more sustainable future? Our first session will look into some of the issues around the world and inthis country, followed by a short break before the second session, which will focus more on what is being done and what we can do to achieve foodsustainability.
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  4. Programme

    5.30pm Introduction to the evening
    5.45pm Session 1: How is the world being fed? Current state and issues.
    Speakers: Dr John Ingram and Dan Crossley
    6.45pm Short break
    7.00pm Session 2: How will the world be fed? Moving forward, solutions and actions
    Speakers: Sam North, Jon Poole, Peter Andrews, and Tessa Cook
    8.00pm Refreshments and wine


  6. First speaker: Dr John Ingram, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, who works on the global food systems research. Food systems activities include producing, processing, distributing and consuming food, and he focuses on the multiple two-way interactions between food security and the global environmental change. He has worked on projects in Europe, south Asia, southern Africa and the Caribbean, and contributed to the recently published UNEP International Resources Panel report on food systems and natural resources.