Cross Island Line talk in London

A talk on nature advocacy in Singapore by former NMP Ms Faizah Jamal, with a focus on Singapore's current development vs conservation issue: constructing an MRT line through or around a nature reserve. 09 March 2016 | University College London


  1. From Golf Courses to Train Lines: Speaking For the Trees in Singapore – the nature of nature advocacy

    Journey with Faizah Jamal, a Nominated Member of Parliament (2012-2014) on environmental matters, as she traces the history of environmental advocacy in Singapore from the early days in the 1990s as a member of the (then) Malayan Nature Society (now Nature Society Singapore), personally joining in the fight to save the Lower Pierce forests from being turned into a golf course, to her recent public role as Nominated Member of Parliament focusing on environmental matters. In particular, Faizah voted against the contentious White Paper and Land Use Plan on environmental grounds. In the 2013 Parliamentary Debate, she strongly criticised the proposed alignment of the Cross Island Line (CRL) cutting across the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, the absence of an open, transparent and publicly available environmental impact assessment (an issue that has obtained much public attention recently) and called for a ‘life-beyond-GDP’.

    Speaker information: Faizah Jamal served as a Nominated Member of Parliament of the Republic of Singapore from Feb 2012 to Aug 2014 after a successful nomination by the Nature Society where she focused on environment concerns.