Open air cinema screenings - London 2017

There are usually well over 250 open air screenings around London ranging from local free independent events to big-scale screens more centrally. Some of the London free festivals have both open air screenings and screenings at non-traditional cinema venues (churches, cafes etc) - this post focuses mostly on those happening outside, even if in a tent in a field.


  1. Table of Contents

    1. Organisations, venues and tickets: list of venues with links to where they are and ticketing info
    2. What to pack: comfort (yours, and others... etiquette)
    3. Listings by month
    4. Alphabetic listing of films
    5. Completed screenings for 2017

  2. 1. Organisations, venues and tickets

    • Backyard Cinema (Camden Market) -  (
    • BFI at the British Museum - no link yet
    • BP Big Screens (Royal Opera and Royal Ballet) - 
    • Experience Cinema (from Rooftop Film Club) - (
    • Floating Cinema -
    • Free Film Festival (London) -
    • Herne Hill Free Film Festival - 
    • Kew the Movies - 
    • The Luna Cinema -
    • More London (Scoop) -  and London Bridge City Summer Festival!film/a94rd 
    • New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival - 
    • The Nomad Cinema -  - London outdoor screenings and also
    interesting indoor venues ( )
    • Open Air Theatre (Regent's Park) - 
    • Opera Holland Park -
    • Pop Up Screens - (
    • Rooftop Film Club - (4 venues - Bussey Building, Peckham;
    Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch; Roof East, Stratford, Roof Gardens, Kensington) and Tobacco Dock
    • Shuffle Festival -
    • Somerset House -  ( 4-17 Aug 2016
    • Tudor Barn Eltham - 
    • Underground Film Club (from Rooftop Film Club) -

    Maidstone and Kent -

  3. 2. What to pack

    Tickets! Make sure you print in advance, or have the e-ticket visible on your device - and make sure you know where the venue actually is (!)
    Something warm to wear (even if it's boiling hot in the day it can be surprisingly cool when sitting outside at 10pm)
    Something to sit on (plastic bag as a minimum, blanket or cushion better) as you could be sitting on damp grass or hard stone / concrete or pavement
    - Pop Up Screens let you bring camping chairs but many other venues don't (some venues already have seating)
    • Something to avoid rain (umbrellas are generally a bit of a no-no, I'd recommend rain hat or one of those 'pac a mac' things)
    • Something to eat and drink and something to eat it off / drink it out of (most films are in public spaces so you can bring your own picnic, check though as venues like Syon Park and Alexandra Palace might not, always check the website's FAQ) - don't forget a bottle opener if you need one
    • A plastic bag to take away rubbish / and for sitting on grass
    • Loo roll (public toilets being as they are...)

  4. 3. Listings by month

  5. February

    26 February (Sunday) - The Salesman, Trafalgar Square, Mayor of London (blog post)
  6. March

    Date (Day)
  7. April

    Date (Day)
  8. May

    Date (Day)
  9. June

    Date (Day)
  10. July

    Date (Day)
  11. August

    2 August (Wednesday) - Jurassic Park, Luna Cinema, Opera Holland Park
    3 August (Thursday) - Four Weddings and a Funeral, Luna Cinema, Opera Holland Park
    4 August (Friday) - Casablanca, Luna Cinema, Opera Holland Park
    5 August (Saturday) - Dirty Dancing, Luna Cinema, Opera Holland Park
  12. September

    Date (Day)
  13. 4. Alphabetic listing of films

    Dirty Dancing
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    Jurassic Park

    The Salesman
  14. 5. Completed screenings for 2017

    This is usually the last section to get filled for obvious reasons :)
  15. Once the season is over they all get moved back to the top for ease of viewing.