Mildly useful info

We've all got so used to our shortcuts and clever ways of doing things! Once we shared them, excitedly, now we're inured to them, but sometimes it's helpful to share again :)


  1. I remember quite vividly the first time I copied text from a page on the internet and pasted it into another document and being pleasantly surprised that it had worked. I'd been using Ctrl+C / V (paste) for ages before with word processing software and thought nothing of it, but this was the first time I'd used it across two different software platforms. There are so many little shortcuts and tricks I do every day without even noticing and everyone else will have their own menu of these (lots of overlap but we all know something that's new to someone else).

    Using the #mildlyusefulinfo hashtag I've started sharing some of these on Twitter, in an entirely ad hoc way as they occur to me. There's also the slightly more technical #howto hashtag where I add stuff I've blogged.

    Here's what I've shared via #mildlyusefulinfo, but first...
  2. ...I remember where I was when I learned that everyone else wasn't using Ctrl+F to find a word or phrase in their documents (this works with anything on a computer). I'm not sure that anything else I've ever learned has surprised me as much.
  3. OK on with the #mildlyusefulinfo info
  4. Aha, you don't even need to use Ctrl+Shift. Simply pressing Alt alone will let you do this, hooray. Hat tip to @JamesBSumner. This lets you snip out an excerpt within a piece of text.
  5. Open a new Tweet, click Ctrl+V (assuming you have a copied pic) and it will appear (at least it does on Firefox).
  6. I've written this handy blog post about how to do it, below...
  7. Pictures below are stretched to fit (automatically) because they're tiny. Not intentional.
  8. The one above is really handy for finding a word in any of the tabs in your spreadsheet, without having to search them individually (as I did for years).
  9. I recommended this to my dad and he reported back that one of the drivers had thanked him for doing it. People are pretty tuned into logos and will recognise that a lot more quickly than your house number etc.
  10. WordPress dot COM (quite different from the self-hosted dot ORG version) has two editing windows, 'old' and 'new' and the more familiar and intuitive older one can be found from /wp-admin being stuck at the end of your site's homepage. Not sure how long that will last.