Giving this thing a shot

Going through my semi-annual "I should start using this blog again" phase. Just learned about storify and decided I should try it out. It seems appropriate that my first post should be about the recent changes at the Oregonian newspaper, as it deeply affects my state, industry and friends.


  1. I'm not entirely sure how to make this work, and the "upgrade to business account" bubble won't go away, so if anyone is actually seeing this and can tell me how to add older Facebook posts instead of just posting links, please do.
  2. In the time since the layoffs were announced, it seems the news just keeps getting worse. This was definitely the saddest so far.
  3. Company changes were announced June 20. The following Monday, after more than 35 newsroom layoffs, the company already was hiring reporters.
  4. The Sunday after layoffs were announced, the paper ran this amazing 9-month investigative series on drug cartel violence around the Northwest, and in particular, in Oregon. I hope I'm wrong in saying this is probably the last we'll see of this type of enterprise journalism as long as things stay the same at the company. It's a series that's worth reading.

    An ex-reporter put together a fundraiser to cover the newsroom folks' bartab. Not sure if it's still going or where the money goes now, but it was a nice gesture.a nice gesture.

    In the memo announcing changes, the publisher referred to "exciting changes." That's right. In the memo announcing 35+ layoffs.In the memo announcing 35+ layoffs.