On Occupy and Anarchism on Twitter

  1. The Occupy movement is far more interested in defeating capitalism than it in democracy. #deludedhypocrites
  2. @gapingvoid I'm more interested in changing economics than changing faces
  3. Smart, American, educated, upper-middle class kids who renounce capitalism deserve everything they get.
  4. @gapingvoid a better world? thats where we are aiming. Also not upper middle class.
  5. @jobelenus Re. Your blog post. I think Sartre was a naive old fool.
  6. @gapingvoid well you'd have to put a lot of people into that bucket. Because a lot of people with names you'd recognize have said the same
  7. @gapingvoid uhhhh economics has changed massively over the years. of course you can
  8. @jobelenus You can change the economy, sure, economics is just the study of that.
  9. @gapingvoid but you've already fallen for the trick -- you've presumed capitalism as the way "economics" works. its far larger than that
  10. @jobelenus I'm all for the dissipation of power, I just don't think the #occupy movement will ever be able to offer that.
  11. @gapingvoid you should see what is happening with the "economy" on the ground in Greece. Money is easily irrelevant to an actual economy
  12. @gapingvoid the root of #occupy is Anarchism (not chaos) - the total dissolution of power into flat local communities - like the encampments
  13. @gapingvoid the "double coincidence of wants" as the root of money is entirely BS and unfounded of any actual society which introduced money
  14. @jobelenus Yes, but anarchists think they can create wealth and prosperity without capitalism and property rights. They are wrong.
  15. @gapingvoid if by wealth and prosperity you mean "the things we need to survive and enjoy life" you're wrong.
  16. @gapingvoid if you mean the exploitation of resources and other people at the point of a gun/law for their benefit - you are right
  17. @jobelenus Disagree. Money is very relevant to the Greeks right now. If not, they wouldn't be suffering so.
  18. @gapingvoid its relevant inasmuch as they attempt to keep the previous status quo. many have already "left the grid" and living in community
  19. @gapingvoid many are also taking what they need (see mayor who is raiding food markets). small-c communism: from ability to need
  20. @jobelenus Freedom and prosperity without money or property rights? Good luck with that :D
  21. @gapingvoid I hope you don't end up on the wrong side of the gun protecting property rights, and don't get exploited for another's wealth
  22. @gapingvoid and you're the minority. What about everyone getting shot and exploited, in this country and around the world? Fuck them?
  23. @jobelenus Not unsympathetic. But to say removing capitalism and replacing it with anarchy will improve their lot? No, it won't :D
  24. @gapingvoid capitalism has created their situation. So remove it? Absolutely
  25. @jobelenus Have you or #occupy ever thought why the movement hasn't caught on, in spite of the hyperbole?
  26. @gapingvoid the first year of protesting Vietnam did you ask why it never caught on? #realchangetakesadecade Night, Hugh
  27. @jobelenus the aims of the average Vietnam protester were far more realistic than those of the #occupy movement.