A Catholic Interaction

  1. How bad is it when even Democrats are calling Obama's campaign dishonest and the "campaign from hell"?!  http://is.gd/Vf8e2s 
  2. @MichaelPBarber you do know that ad isn't even running anywhere. zero ad-buys for it.
  3. @MichaelPBarber how can anyone request to pull something that isn't running?!
  4. @MichaelPBarber at least under ACA she would have been able to get some coverage. But not under a president romney.
  5. @jobelenus You're being ridiculous. This has been condemned even by Democrats. You're just revealing your unwillingness to be objective here
  6. @MichaelPBarber srsly u want Obama campaign denounce an ad that isn't running-you should be burning Romney campaign offices for blatant lies
  7. @MichaelPBarber im not voting for Obama, im rather objective. Romney is a lying sociopath.
  8. @MichaelPBarber In the world Romney has made at Bain, and wants to make as President. That woman has no health insurance. #youcantarguethat
  9. @jobelenus So Romney is responsible for her death to cancer?! Romney is guilty for all the evils of capitalism I suppose. #youcantarguethat
  10. @MichaelPBarber I said healthcare didn't I? She had no access to healthcare in the world he created at Bain, nor would as President.
  11. @MichaelPBarber Romney not guilty for evils of capitalism. Is he guilty of abusing every exploitive and abusive ability of capitalism? yes
  12. @MichaelPBarber and not only a woman with cancer -- but COUNTLESS people with ailments that CAN BE CURED wouldn't have healthcare either
  13. @MichaelPBarber you really should be siding with your nuns and Bishops on these issues.
  14. @MichaelPBarber except when private equity decides to liquidate and fire, and to profit off gov't bankruptcy procedures and company assets.
  15. @jobelenus I am all for getting health care to everyone. In fact, Romneycare expanded coverage to people who didn't have it!
  16. @MichaelPBarber and now he denounces it. Sounds like an idiot candidate to me that will pander to anyone. Don't Catholics value integrity?
  17. @jobelenus Whoa! You can't make up these things! Romney still stands behind Romneycare! He doesn't denounce it! The right hates him for it!
  18. @jobelenus You seem like a bright guy. I think you need to watch where you get your information from! We prob agree on more than u realize.
  19. @MichaelPBarber he doesn't support it federally, he opposes Obamacare which is Romneycare -- according to the MIT Prof who built both
  20. @MichaelPBarber if you're all for getting healthcare to everyone, would you support single-payer? Over 50% of Americans would.
  21. @MichaelPBarber I know exactly where I get my information from. You need to stop watching MSM. #poison
  22. @jobelenus So if you don't support single payer, you want the poor to die in the streets? Things are more complicated than that!
  23. @MichaelPBarber its the only way to do it where the patient, and not profits, matter. You were talking about the evils of capitalism...
  24. @MichaelPBarber if you want healthcare to be affordable by all lets take the CEO million $ bonuses and profit margins out of the equation
  25. @jobelenus So, if I don't support single-payer it is because my priority is money over lives?! Geesh.
  26. @jobelenus Corporations are evil. Government is benevolent. I'm sorry, it's WAY more complicated than that.
  27. @jobelenus I'd love to keep talking but I've got work to do. Thanks for chatting. God bless!
  28. @MichaelPBarber re-check your blind faith in capitalism. its why our medicine is way more expensive than Germany, Britain, France Japan, etc
  29. @MichaelPBarber oh no, they're both pretty bad. At least I can shame Obama into doing something. But not pandering Romney.
  30. I really hate how adaptable human beings are to the status quo. It really pisses me off. #itsbeenthiswayforever #itwillalwaysbethisway #fuck