Vicky Nguyen, USF Alum

She'll be part of a panel presenting at USF next week. Let's see how useful Storify is in creating "B roll," background info that might be part of a speech story.


  1. Here's what I assume is history provided by her employer.
  2. Here's the source we always consult, sometimes with trepidation, using it as the first step in our research. Good question for Ms. Nguyen: Just how accurate is this? Do you know who curates it?
  3. Oh this is golden: Personal reminiscences from her own blog.
  4. Here's her Twitter feed, which we should all be following.
  5. And here she is on Facebook. Let's ask her how hard she works building her brand.
  6. Steve Jobs Legacy: Vicky Nguyen with Scott Budman and Scott McGrew NBC Bay Area News
  7. This is impressive. She's part of the station's investigative unit.
  8. NBC Bay Area "Power to Heal?" Promo -- August 16, 2012
  9. Anchoring while pregnant! This gets at the essence of the challenges faced by women in news.
  10. Vicky Nguyen AWP: Anchoring While Pregnant
  11. Finally, let's be careful with the Google. Victoria Nguyen, who writes about cooking with marijuana, is not USF's Vicky Nguyen, who to my knowledge does not.