A Practice Storify Story

Let's see if anyone is talking about USF buying the Folger Building in downtown SF.


  1. Hmmmm. Newspaper layout principles suggest I put the photo over the headline. But I can't. Therefore, shouldn't I put it as high as possible, that is, over the link to sfgate.com?
  2. Is this fair use? Is crediting "Monica's Dad" enough?
  3. See, Ms. Devine understands basic news values. She shows us the money.
  4. Aha. It's a trend, justifying what I assume is a follow story, building on the breaking news. I think the BizTimes is a weekly, so they frequently need to find "added value" in their belated stories.
  5. The Provost reaches out to her followers. No fugues about what she ate for breakfast on her Twitter feed, I wager.
  6. Retweets spread the brand.
  7. I'm assuming this is mostly right, which is a dangerous thing for a newshawk to do. But this is just practice.
  8. 1960s Folgers Coffee Vintage Advertisement Commercial Still
    1960s Folgers Coffee Vintage Advertisement Commercial Still
  9. Again, am I safely in the center of the Creative Commons in using these photos?
  10. Adding a little bit of personality as you hand off the news.
  11. Is that possible? To students mining the Tweetverse I would say: Go ask somebody.
  12. USF MBA Student Life with Art Bell
  13. Video! Multimedia!!