1. The AP's Jim O'Connell is the dean of Big East basketball writers. His breakdown of the matchup is one of the best.
  2. The New York Times buys into the "live by the 3, die by the 3" philosophy in assessing Wisconsin's chances.
  3. Grantland's Shane Ryan offers up eight factors which add up to a Syracuse win... but at least they admit Madison is a better college town!
  4. But former Ohio State walk-on Mark Titus, also writing for Grantland, says he expects the "Buzzcuts" to upend 'Cuse.
  5. Predictably, ESPN provides a nice overview of Sweet Sixteen matchups.
  6. But the eyes roll when the Worldwide Leader's so-called analysts start weighing in. Up first is Big East bobo and perennial Wisconsin hater Doug Gottlieb.
  7. Same goes for Duke grad and ACC apologist Seth Davis of CBS, who had Vanderbilt beating Syracuse in this game in his original bracket.