UW dean of students' anti-Mifflin Street Block Party video bashed, parodied

A message meant to warn students is met with derision and parody.

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  1. On Sunday, UW-Madison Dean of Students Lori Berquam produced an awkward, stilted YouTube video advising students "Don't go" to this year's Mifflin Street Block Party. The video went viral and students almost immediately began to heckle Berquam on social media.
  2. Dean of Students Message about Mifflin Street
  3. The video above is a copy, as the original was deleted from YouTube sometime late Monday. It's easy to understand why; it was a mess. Berquam appears to be unprepared and unaccustomed to communicating with students, surprising given that she's generally popular on campus. She encourages students to seek out other activities in the city, but offers no alternatives, and she repeats her "Don't go" line too often, which detracts from the good advice she offers. Watching it, one wonders if she consulted with any students at all before releasing it.
  4. What follows is a small sample of the criticism that appeared on Twitter Monday night and Tuesday morning, which included wide use of the #dontgo and #YOLO (you only live once) hashtags.
  5. And of course a parody/re-mix soon showed up:
  6. Don't Go To Mifflin REMIX (feat. Dean of Students)
  7. Bloggers have also picked up the meme.
  8. Meanwhile, the cottage industry designing t-shirts for the bash appears to roll on, undeterred.