Broke: Panthers watch ESPN doc

ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series returned Tuesday night, and there were plenty of Carolina Panthers watching the show titled "Broke." The hour-and-a-half documentary focused on how athletes both young and old handle, and mishandle, their millions.


  1. Former NFL coach and cornerback Herm Edwards had a funny line.
  2. Nearly every athlete said they used part of their first paycheck to buy their mother a house.
  3. Apparently folks were tweeting at DE Charles Johnson on how to handle his money.
  4. Linebacker James Anderson with words of wisdom for his fellow players.
  5. Johnson signed a $76 million contract in 2011.
  6. Second-year offensive tackle Byron Bell does not dine like Charles Johnson.
  7. Former NFL star Keith McCants spent his last NFL check ($54,000) on a $50,000 car.
  8. This about sums it up.