The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 Watch Online Free

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 Watch Online Free


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    Jesus is tending to Marnie’s wounds while the other witches try to come to terms with The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 what they just saw. Tara glares at Lafayette and says, “Thanks for bringing me here,” noting that it’s been far too long since a vampire tried to kill her. Though, really, Tara invited herself along. Just sayin. The other witches start ranting that Eric tried to intimidate them out of practicing their religion, kinda like the Nazis, and note that he did look kind of Aryan. They feel that this would make a pretty good legal case against him, but Tara and Lafayette remind them that he’s 2,000 years old and could, you know, kill all of them pretty easily unless Marnie goes apeshit on him again. But she has no idea how The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 she accomplished that.


    Jason is still tied to the bed and is all chewed up. Outside, one of the older panther guys is telling the youngins the story of how pantherfolk came to be from the original ghost daddy and ghost mama. Panther Creationism, essentially. It involves puke. Jason snarls at Felton that if he’s going to kill him, he should be a man and do it already. Crystal says that Felton swore that they weren’t going to kill him and Felton replies that they’re not…at least not until they get what they want out of him.

    The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 Two frat boys with a night vision camera are goin’ vamp huntin’. They come upon one feeding on a woman behind a dumpster. The woman sits up, grinning, but quickly puts on a panicked face for the camera. The vampire scampers off and the guys direct viewers to their website,, and admonishes America to wake up before we’re all dead. “Seriously!” punctuates the fangbanger. The vampire in the video is actually watching himself on the flatscreen in Bill’s office. Bill reminds the vampire that being filmed or photographed while feeding is forbidden and for his transgression he is sentenced to the Death. Uh, isn’t that a little harsh considering he was filmed without his consent? The vampire protests that Bill is trying to send them back to the coffin but Bill says that Russell Edgington already did that. God, Bill, he disemboweled ONE guy on national TV. Chill! While the vampire is dragged off, Bill goes to see his visitor: Jessica. They have a very father-daughter relationship now, The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 which is cute. She needs to talk to him about her indiscretion with the guy at Fangtasia. Bill bristles, asking her if she was filmed. Jessica rolls her eyes and says that she’s not stupid, just unfaithful. Bill tells her that she’ll need to explain this to Hoyt, but she’s worried about how hurt he’ll be. “I hate my life,” she says. “Vamp up,” says Bill. “If you love him you’ll tell him the truth.” They hug while the condemned vampire screams in the background. Touching!


    and Eric arrive back at the house and Eric can’t enter, having forgotten his initial invitation. starts to tell him that it’s his house, but catches herself and invites him in.


    At Fangtasia, Pam is going to town on a guy’s neck who is talking dirty to her. “Dial it back a notch, Jethro,” she says, when the phone rings. It’s Sookie. She tries to explain The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 about Eric’s condition. While waiting for Pam, washes Eric’s feet, which makes him giggle because it’s ticklish. This puppy version of Eric is adorable. Pam zooms in and Eric shoots up and says, “WHOTHEFUCKISSHE?” Pam’s mouth is still covered in blood but she’s relieved to see Eric. wants Pam to take Eric but Pam insists that he has to stay with to protect him from the witches. Pam believes that she’ll be the first person they investigate. threatens to go to Bill if Pam won’t take him but Pam says that if breathes a word of this to Bill she’ll tear her to pieces. Eric zooms and throws Pam to the ground and orders her to be nice to Sookie. Pam calmly explains that she thinks Bill set Eric up and reminds that it wouldn’t be the first time. recaps the previous incident for Eric, which stemmed from Eric tasting her. Eric grins at this detail until tells him that he essentially fang-raped her. “Sorry,” says Eric, sheepishly. Pam tells that she has to keep Eric at her house to keep him safe from the witches. “WITCHES?!?!” blurts Sookie. Dude, you have panthers, fairies, werewolves, shapeshifters, and vampires up in the mix, along with the usual rapists, murderers, The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 and various and sundry degenerates. Why are witches suddenly putting you over the edge?


    Jessica returns home finally. Hoyt is watching TV cradling the old baby doll that was in the house when they moved in. They argue briefly about Jessica’s whereabouts before turning their attention to the doll. Apparently they keep throwing it out in the dump and the lake and it keeps showing back up on their bed. Ew. Jessica suddenly blurts out that she was with another guy, but she only fed on him. Hoyt’s still pissed, so Jessica panics and glamours him. It’s unfair, but effective.


    leads Eric down to his cubby. He climbs down tentatively, wearing basketball shorts, and I die laughing. Eric is pleased with his cubby and then turns his attention to Sookie. He’s curious whether or not any vampire owns her and if she would like to belong to him. His fangs pop out and he meekly apologizes. He’s like the kid in school who always has a The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 boner. God, Eric, get a book to carry around with you so you can cover that up.


    Jesus, Lafayette, and Tara are recovering from their evening over some bottles of wine. Lafayette thinks that they should go to Eric and beg his forgiveness. It won’t help the coven but at least they won’t get killed. Tara and Jesus are opposed to this plan. Lafayette tells Tara that she should just go back to New Orleans and leave all of the pain in Bon Temps behind. Tara says that she’s not going to leave him to deal with this on his own, punctuating her statement with a “Fuck you.” Jesus admires how Tara doesn’t let Lafayette get away with dumb stuff and says that he could learn from her. “Boyfriend, you are perfect just that way you eeezzz,” drawls Lafayette. He announces that he has to get to bed and adds, “Y’all bitches clean up. The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 Premiere” Jesus and Tara clear the dishes from the table, and Tara begs Jesus not to let Lafayette go to Eric.


    Jason is still tied up and supposedly morphing into a panther, but it looks like he’s just getting bad infections to me. He’s tortured by his cell phone ringing in his pocket, out of his reach. It’s Andy calling from outside of Merlotte’s, lecturing Jason that he’s been gone for almost 48 hours and he can’t just disappear like that. He starts to shake and confesses to Jason’s voicemail that he’s already used once today but feels like he needs to use again. Giving in, Andy grabs a vial of V from the glove box and dispenses a drop on his finger. Then he goes to town on his finger, which is a little awkward to watch. Sam The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 2 startles Andy, who then starts bitching at Sam about trumped up charges of fire code violations and stuff. Sam asks if Andy’s been drinking and Andy swings at him. Sam gets the punch in, though, and Andy fumbles with his gun before speeding off.