1. Earlier this week, NBC's Luke Russert seemed impressed to find Periscope users ahead of network reports when Hillary Clinton stopped to talk to the press:
  2. Several reporters launched live streams from the event, according to Poynter:
  3. However, Periscope was infiltrating newsrooms at CNN, CBS and NBC nearly two months ago, according to ibtimes.com:
  4. We are "witnessing the next transformation in social media-based reporting," according to journalistics.com:
  5. But it's not just the professionals: Pew Research says that the recent Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia "was just the latest example of how smartphones and social media have expanded opportunities for the public to not only consume and share local news, but to participate in journalism."
  6. Want better streams? Learn about accessory microphones, lenses, tripods and more from journalism.co.uk:
  7. Tech writer Justin Kozuch thinks the key factors for streaming apps include a clean user experience, verified news sources and shareable, embeddable content:
  8. A key question is whether the growth in live smartphone video will shed fresh light on key events, such as shootings involving police in the United States or human rights abuses in totalitarian countries, according to Yahoo:
  9. Making journalism real-time is the instantaneous information people crave, according The Retriever at UMBC:
  10. The sci-fi blog Technovelgy simple declared that the "Periscope App Signals End Of Journalism."
  11. But if you're still with us, here are some helpful tips:
  12. Nieman Lab posted this useful how-to:
  13. And more tips can be found at featuresjouranlism.org:
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