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Streaming video headline check: October, 2015


  1. User experience:

  2. Will this new Periscope button really enable teleportation?
  3. Screenshots: "It's essentially the app's version of a retweet."
  4. Did you know? "You can split the screen of a broadcast so that two people from separate locations appear."
  5. Lots of ideas here:
  6. Business:

  7. "Periscope isn’t just engaging. It’s lots of fun. And, like Moments, the possibilities are endless," says
  8. IBT: "Meerkat is still kicking, and innovating faster than others in live streaming."
  9. The Guardian: "Users of the social networking service are watching 370 years of video a day, while talkshow hosts seem to be getting the bug for live-tweeting."
  10. More tips:
  11. "Periscope has the opportunity to be the YouTube of live video:"
  12. IBT: "The struggling cable network jumped onto Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app."
  13. Police on the scene:

  14. "Law enforcement’s job becomes a little easier when people use social media to record and share their illegal escapades."