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Reports: Periscope app coming to Apple TV


  1. Periscope is developing an app for the new Apple TV, according to a report at
  2. SlashGear says: " It seems likely that the Apple TV version will not be used for producing video streams, but rather to allow people to watch content from the comfort of a large TV screen."
  3. "Given the popularity of Periscope and its parent company, Twitter, it's not surprising that Apple would give its developers early access to an alleged Apple TV SDK." according to Apple Insider:
  4. Fast Company says: "The ability to watch live streams could serve as a feature that differentiates Apple TV from rival media players produced by Roku and Amazon."
  5. What about the other streaming apps? Cult of Mac adds that "it makes sense that it and other apps development teams are hard at work under non-disclusure agreements to get their apps ready for the first time they’ll ever be available on Apple’s set-top box."