1. "In the latest version of iOS and Android, Periscopers can now hold their phones either in portrait or landscape," according to an announcement from the app maker Thursday on Medium.

    "The app will auto rotate the video to compensate how the phone is held," according to engadget.com, which argues that: "Video should be shot in landscape mode."
  2. Except for the rotation, streaming horizontally has always been technically possible, as explained by theverge.com:
  3. But: "Some outlets have noted that the new setting could also help support an app for Apple TV," ibtimes.com reports:
  4. CNET also points out: "The new landscape feature underscores Periscope's efforts to attract more users to the popular streaming app."
  5. "Periscope launched a few new features along with landscape," as explained at Mashable:
  6. Here's the announcement from Periscope:
  7. And more news reports: