1. “Each and every Periscope user now has a home on the web that includes a basic profile as well as any active and recently-concluded live streams,” according to a post form Variety:
  2. As The Next Web explains: “It’s traditionally a mobile-centric app, so Web profiles could help create a little more engagement for desktop users.”
  3. “Periscope users are now able to set up profile pages on their accounts, writing a few lines of information about their interests, what type of content they broadcast, or even their location and personal homepage,” according to a report from SlashGear.com:
  4. And “If someone visits the page during a live event, the video starts playing immediately,” according to MarketingLand.com:
  5. “However, Periscope is still enforcing its 24-hour expiration date on all videos,” Venture Beat reports, continuing: “That means your profile will look desolate unless you are actively streaming and/or an incredibly prolific poster. Hopefully this 24-hour limit will be the next thing to change.”
  6. Here’s the announcement from Periscope:
  7. And a few more news reports: