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Educators considering Periscope


  1. Education Dive's brief explains:

    • Since Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, launched in March, educators have found ways to use the social media tool for instructional purposes.
    • For example, teachers can use it take videos of important historical sites in order to conduct virtual field trips for students.
    • It can also work as a professional development tool, with teachers using it, for example, to watch talks or conferences they can't attend.

    Check the post for a deeper dive:
  2. eSchool News reports "5 things you should know:"

    • It’s easy to use.
    • Schools are getting creative with it.
    • Privacy is a big concern.
    • Some see Periscope videos as “disposable.”
    • It won’t be right for every situation.

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  3. And GPB blog has “Top 10 EdTech Tips: Connecting With Periscope,” including:

    • Streaming live from the classroom
    • Visiting classrooms virtually
    • Generating engagement
    • Taking virtual field trips
    • Recording live performances
    • Assisting with homework
    • Reaching absent students
    • Opening lines of communication
    • Connecting with other students on a global level
    • Soliciting input or feedback

    Read the full report: