Queer Internet Studies Symposium 2 (2/17/17)

#QIS2 is the second Queer Internet Studies Symposium, a space to share research, make art, organize activisms, and develop interdisciplinary conversations of what Queer Internet Studies might look like and mean for research, policy, and activist agendas.

  1. Just reached Philly for Queer Internet Studies ⚡️ Excited to speak about #QueerSTS & policing tomorrow!  http://jgieseking.org/qis2/  #QIS2
  2. Just arrived! Super excited to be a part of #QIS2 Queer Internet Studies Symposium tomorrow! Thanks for inviting me @jgieseking!  https://twitter.com/jgieseking/status/832279774647169025 
  3. i'm in philadelphia headed to upenn for #QIS2 tomorrow o_o !! 🤑
  4. Who’s headed to the Queer Internet Studies conference this morning? See you there! #QIS2
  5. Excited for the Queer Internet Studies conference this morning! #QIS2
  6. ETS is always rough coming from the west, but excited to join #QIS2 today!
  7. here @Penn for #QIS2 conspicuously taking selfies with the cute workshop pamphlets https://t.co/irfaNd7LK9
    here @Penn for #QIS2 conspicuously taking selfies with the cute workshop pamphlets pic.twitter.com/irfaNd7LK9
  8. Spending the morning @ Queer Internet Studies workshop So much to learn from so many amazing people #qis2 @AnnenbergPenn @AnnenbergCARGC
  9. "we queered conference format..to give u things to dream about in ur queer beds at night. or just think about bc ur awake"-@jgieseking #QIS2
  10. #qis2 so excited to be here! @jgieseking and Jessa Lingel ask "what's queer about queer internet studies now?"
  11. The Queer Internet Studies Symposium has begun! To join in the online conversation, search #qis2. https://t.co/gJvksJDWCZ https://t.co/bACt0frtt7
    The Queer Internet Studies Symposium has begun! To join in the online conversation, search #qis2.  http://bit.ly/2lexVVS  pic.twitter.com/bACt0frtt7
  12. What does a queer internet look like? Qs about in/visibility, classification, archives, safety, reliance on corporatized platforms... #QIS2
  13. Great convo about the the queer internets--what it is and how to study it. #qis2
  14. An excellent question at the Queer Internet Studies Workshop: "what is queer geography on the Internet?" #qis2
  15. @mitalithakor on counter-encryption in child exploitation techniques #qis2
  16. .@mitalithakor up first w. "'catch him with his encryption down': counter-encryption techniques in child exploitation investigations" #qis2
  17. @mitalithakor describing the securitization that anti-pedo vigilantes contribute to, along with state and other actors of course #QIS2
  18. .@mitalithakor thinks about "digital vigilantism" and policing done by non-police actors, which strengthens carceral state #qis2
  19. .@adrishaw talks about methodologies of finding lgbtq content in the archives and the problem of lost objects #QIS2
  20. check out @adrishaw's public archive of lgbtq games, an ode to fan labor and a master list of sorts  https://lgbtqgamearchive.com/  #QIS2
  21. .@oliverhaimson talks about the relationship between trans people and digital spaces #QIS2
  22. .@oliverhaimson digital spaces can allow people to more easily navigate their transitions, access support communities, explore ID #QIS2
  23. .@oliverhaimson as researchers we have to think how digital spaces can serve rather than further marginalize vulnerable populations #QIS2
  24. .@MiaFischer considers how to decenter media and introduce ethnographic methods to social media research #QIS2
  25. .@MiaFischer how does our scholarship benefit the communities we claim to be in allyship with? #QIS2
  26. @MiaFischer on the ethics of digital ethnography especially in relation to trans lives and politics #QIS2 https://t.co/T3bjrnM9QC
    @MiaFischer on the ethics of digital ethnography especially in relation to trans lives and politics #QIS2 pic.twitter.com/T3bjrnM9QC
  27. .@carmenriosss in the digital age, being a writer and a revolutionary might be the same thing #QIS2
  28. .@carmenriosss talks about finding online communities when trying to find other hillary clinton supporters in 07/08 #QIS2
  29. .@carmenriosss our communities online direct and shape our communities offline #QIS2
  30. .@carmenriosss "we must build a queer internet we want to see in the world...a space where we can read the comments" #QIS2
  31. @carmenriosss says the queer internet should prefigure the queer worlds we want to live in #QIS2
  32. .@mitalithakor queer method is about shifting the objects of study - e.g. studying the police queerly #QIS2
  33. .@mitalithakor talking about how queering internet studies shifts objects of study and impacts method #QIS2
  34. .@AgingSuperModel internet of bodies = networked connections of bodies and the bodies that make the internet possible #QIS2
  35. .@AgingSuperModel what does it mean to be embodied in #queer space, digital material imagined? #qis2
  36. .@AgingSuperModel intro idea of Internet of Bawdies = forced digitizations & online pub of prev non-dig #queer work images ephemera #qis2
  37. .@AgingSuperModel internet of bawdies = kinds of queer, trans, and feminist things that are born digital #QIS2
  38. @jgieseking @AgingSuperModel Internet of Bodies includes a wide range of things from spoken word to sexting #qis2 #queerstudies
  39. .@AgingSuperModel #OOB is made private bc minors / hypervigilence on children -- links to paradox of #queer as viscera/ephemera #qis2 https://t.co/x4Gu2nsrak
    .@AgingSuperModel #OOB is made private bc minors / hypervigilence on children -- links to paradox of #queer as viscera/ephemera #qis2 pic.twitter.com/x4Gu2nsrak
  40. .@AgingSuperModel #queer life is to be relegated to a history of forgetting -- so every 18 yr old is first queer who ever lived #YASS #qis2
  41. .@AgingSuperModel on one hand, disappearance is survival but on the other its oblivion #QIS2
  42. .@AgingSuperModel discusses TK attribution label (#traditionalknoweldge) to citational practice of Native Americans to record history #qis2
  43. .@AgingSuperModel proposes "transmedial drag," to drag object from one media to another; what happens when change media, lose context? #QIS2
  44. .@AgingSuperModel on paradox between disappearance-as-survival & oblivion; overlaps between queer & indigenous issues of visibility #QIS2 pic.twitter.com/uqoacPtZ0Xhttps://t.co/uqoacPtZ0Xpic.twitter.com/uqoacPtZ0X
  45. uh oh did i ever actually get around to deleting my xanga/livejournal/myspace? #whatarethosepasswords #qis2
  46. up next: keynote dialogue between @shakaz23 and katherine sender! #QIS2
  47. .@shakaz23 multiplication affect of AustinTX early adopting of social networking platforms -- relates to failed #queer socialites #qis2
  48. .@shakaz23 queer intimacies are always already failed and at same time there's a kind of latent potentiality in intimacy all the time #QIS2
  49. Keynote panel: Katherine Sender w/ Shaka McGlotten @shakaz23 on relationship of queer sociality & virtual intimacy to 'failure' #QIS2
  50. .@shakaz23 #queer-ness is always already failed bc not "normal" + losses of AIDS / resistance in new forms kinship sociality #qis2
  51. .@shakaz23 failures are never absolute - there's always excess and potentiality #QIS2
  52. .@shakaz23 at odds w #queer failure (Halb) is intimacy (Deleuze) -- always something latent we don't know yet #qis2
  53. Shaka @shakaz23: within failure there is always excess, potentiality, sth we haven't yet found #QIS2
  54. .@shakaz23 virtual = real but not concrete, ideal but not abstract #QIS2
  55. "For how many of you are your phones an erotic object? Foreplay is swiping, foreplay is clicking, foreplay is tapping."-@shakaz23 #QIS2
  56. .@shakaz23 foreplay now is swiping and clicking -- even traditional dating is now digitalized #qis2
  57. sender: are virtual intimacies a form of cruel optimism? #QIS2
  58. "once you read cruel optimism, everything becomes cruel optimism"-@shakaz23 #aintthatthetruth #QIS2
  59. .@shakaz23 discusses how affect studies emerged but never really engaged with critical race studies #QIS2
  60. sender: the capitalistic generated logic that guides grindr doesn't work for lesbian apps #temporaldrag #QIS2
  61. #KSender : gender of online dating app hails speed and quality -- vs lesbian temporality/sociality which is so slowwww #qis2
  62. the temporality of the courting process (and i do mean process) vs the temporality of the uhaul reservation #QIS2
  63. .@shakaz23 on affect theory, critical race studies, afrofuturism... & apps, sexualities, Deleuze, virtuality, space, time, emotions.. #QIS2 pic.twitter.com/est8rTHTsYhttps://t.co/est8rTHTsYpic.twitter.com/est8rTHTsY
  64. .@shakaz23 discussing one of my all time fave things to teach: his chap on #blackdata in No Tea No Shade -- the whole book is heaven #qis2
  65. hookup apps preclude spontaneous hookups-people think they know in advance what they want not like bathhouse hookup h/t fab @shakaz23 #qis2
  66. .@shakaz23 black people are abstracted from their bodies into data for other people to consume #QIS2
  67. @shakaz23 begins thinking of blacks as always already #data -- otherness, slaves for taxes, stat deviation of AIDS #qis2
  68. @shakaz23 #blackdata also grew from mass surveillance thinking >> evoke black box / sites / ops etc #qis2
  69. "black people have historically been operationalized as data — abstracted away from embodiment & humanity" - @shakaz23 #QIS2
  70. i spoke at #qis2 today about digital community building as queer movement building, this is what i said, enjoy etc.  http://bit.ly/2kxMbMn 
  71. Talk by @shakaz23 - Afrofuturism is key to understanding composition & classification of digital data thru racializing logics #QIS2
  72. @AgingSuperModel @shakaz23 on that topic! How many #lesbian cruising spaces have you heard of? I know of 3 ever in world in all time. #qis2
  73. .@shakaz23 I think of apps like Grindr as failed -- recently sold bc monetizing issue as ecology of app changed w less env sociality #qis2
  74. #KSender : algorithmic sociality made different / what would it mean to study the "#gay market" now then? #qis2
  75. #KSender: who can't afford to be hidden, seen, secret? And some use being seen as strategy of survival--who suffers otherwise? #qis2
  76. @jgieseking @shakaz23 pinksofa-was that just in Canada? also let's not generalize lez - lez find each other all over tha place #QIS2
  77. .@shakaz23 I gave a talk on "Against the Hegemony of the Transparent" bc simplify to visibility politics is not ans -- no easy ans #qis2
  78. @AgingSuperModel yes never heard of #pinksofa (what a name) -- we have Scissor (oh Hera) and Her (snooze name) @shakaz23 #qis2
  79. sender asks about the erotics of activity tracking #QIS2
  80. #KSender: erotics of activity tracking and appropriate to be sexuality active but not too #qis2
  81. .@shakaz23 Melissa Gregg on host of self monitoring / also Natasha del Soul >> led to study of #ohmibod to monitor masturbation #qis2
  82. (related to the current #QIS2 conversation about self-tracking and its history is this recent @publicbooks piece  http://www.publicbooks.org/our-metrics-ourselves/ )
  83. but are slow lesbians interested in slow porn? 🤔 #QIS2
  84. .@shakaz23 many links to religious self-regulation shapes intimacy and still signaled in digital spaces #qis2
  85. .@shakaz23 on drag's politics-not always subversive/ re: transmedial drag I'm thinking of drag as TFQ method that moves off the stage. #qis2
  86. other sites of lesbian sociality: women's colleges, academia #QIS2
  87. Loved talking with Katherine Sender at #QIS2. @jgieseking said I "Deluezed it," which I think is a really nice compliment.
  88. feeling so inspired and excited about the Internet and queer interventions in media/tech as I reflect on yesterday's discussions #qis2
  89. oh geez, I kept on searching #qis2017 trying to engage all the amazingness that was happening at #qis2 yesterday. #ludditelife