C. Riley Snorton's "DeVine's Cut" at UMass Amherst (12/1/16)

Tweets from Snorton 12/1/16 lecture: C. Riley Snorton interrogate the absent presence of PhillipDeVine from the public memory of the Humboldt killings and the nationalnarration of Brandon Teena, as a transgender martyr. See more here: https://www.umass.edu/wgss/event/c-riley-snorton-devines-cut.

  1. .@CRileySnorton : BrandonTeena's death news coverage is symptomatic / sleight of hand / ideology vehicle that constructs ideas as unthought
  2. .@CRileySnorton : #trans meaning derives from law derived from #BrandonTeena's death & not #PhillipDeVine who is denied race > denies racism
  3. .@CRileySnorton : #PhillipDeVine's death framed as "bonus" in #BrandonTeena murder trial = erasure assemblage of inequalities ESP blackness
  4. .@CRileySnorton : disavowal of #PhillipDevine's blackness renders him as out of time & out of place / refusal to fit & therefore acknowledge
  5. .@CRileySnorton : what aspects of #PhillipDeVine representation rep a more livable story of black lives? outsider of #SylviaWinter
  6. .@CRileySnorton : citing @demonicground's "the unsurvival of the condemned" to frame new genre of being from life/death of #PhillipDeVine
  7. .@CRileySnorton : biomuthography is genre of lit and discursive structure for difference to interrupt colonial cataloging of difference
  8. .@CRileySnorton : recounting the life of #PhillipDeVine in his surgeries, survival, family, welfare policy, love, education, homes, work
  9. .@CRileySnorton : "And the gun jams." = time when #PhillipDeVine lives beyond time / a rupture in the quality of being -- but momentarily
  10. .@CRileySnorton : gender not as passing role presentation identity BUT as resisting ctrl either by stillness of movement #trans #LGBT
  11. .@CRileySnorton : links #PhillipDeVine's lives to all black trans lives // inspired to respond to always another black trans death -- & life
  12. @CRileySnorton: thank you for this work beyond Teena-Sheppard > rips open queer rural on behalf of race -- I so wanna review!
  13. Was wtg for #LezlieFrye to beautifully deliver #criptheory points to @CRileySnorton -- ans. w Fanon Lorde etc to resist lives of condemned
  14. Student asks: who I should read on intersectional trans studies? I say: you just saw it happen in @CRileySnorton talk -- CRS adds...
  15. ...@CRileySnorton excellent list on intersectional trans studies: Haritaworn, TSQ, Lugones && I'm thinking @prof_carrington @shakaz23 too
  16. .@CRileySnorton : the list on intersectional trans studies goes on and on -- yes begin here and grow // EVERYONE SHOULD READ THESE SCHOLARS
  17. .@CRileySnorton : Give your labor to things you want toy with, explore, understand. Give a different level of investment w it.
  18. @prof_carrington @jgieseking @CRileySnorton yeah! Gonna start sharing more trans related stuff publicly soon from my drag project
  19. @prof_carrington well @CRileySnorton presented brilliantly & @shakaz23 is doing drag. I just drove home in my Lesbaru. So. All is well.
  20. One ques @CRileySnorton for when you land back home: so were you repurposing still life as it is *still* life? If so, it's so right on. ;)