Allan Parnell's "Local Political Geography and Institutionalized Racial Inequality" at Bowdoin College (Sociology &...

Demographer Dr. Allan Parnell discussed the work Cedar Grove Institute (CGI) has done challenging social inequities using GIS & census data. CGI does research & analyses to support legal cases involving civil rights, predatory lending, school segregation, & institutionalized discrimination.

  1. About to start livetweeting Allan Parnell's "Local Political #Geography & Institutionalized #Racial #Inequality" @ @Bowdoin. #race #critgeog
  2. Allan Parnell: Local government actions shape municipal services and therefore structure inequality #race #critgeog #BCDCSI
  3. Allan Parnell: Gomillion v. Lightfoot 1960 TuskegeeAL push for voting rights --> whites redrew boundaries to elim black voters #BCDCSI #race
  4. Allan Parnell: tonight discussing Mebane NC how whites drew lines and only sewers within "city" = white homes #race #BCDCSI
  5. Allan Parnell: Digital Water & Sewage law passed to protect from terrorists but doesn't stop #inequality from growing #race #BCDSCI
  6. Allan Parnell: cannot see #race #inequality when driving around but when you map it, politics & power become clear #critgeog #BCDCSI
  7. Allan Parnell: also touching on Raeford NC where census recognizes black area as city although city incorporated only whites #racism #BCDCSI
  8. Allan Parnell: the way we draw municipal boundaries structures inequalities #BCDCSI #race
  9. Allan Parnell: some say it's just economics / not race but found that #race structures #inequality more than #class -- #BCDSCI #critgeog
  10. Allan Parnell: "each town has a unique history" / "exclusion is economic, not racial" = lies people tell about geographic inequality #BCDCSI
  11. Allan Parnell: shows Modesto CA progression of including tax parcels into city which excludes #Latinos & few still have sewage lines #BCDCSI
  12. Allan Parnell: most Latino homes in Modesto CA have no sewage lines so cannot install washing machines #racism #race #BCDSCI
  13. Allan Parnell: Modesto CA non-whites also lack streetlights (road safety), storm drains (cause flooding), + septic systems #racism #BCDSCI
  14. Allan Parnell: next discussing local govt redlining public services: Kennedy et al v. City of Zanesville 2008
  15. Allan Parnell: Zanesville has no waterlines until late 2005 & water stopped at the last white house #BCDSCI #critgeog #racism
  16. Allan Parnell: juried award $10.8bil in damages to Zanesville residents #BCDSCI … they finally have clean water
  17. Allan Parnell: US has "managed to bury Jim Crow in municipal zoning laws" #racism #inequality #critgeog #geoweb #BCDCSI
  18. Allan Parnell: "it's hard to put poor people next to industrial sites, so Dallas puts industrial sites next to poor people" #BCDSCI
  19. Allan Parnell: Dallas perpetuates racial inequality by placement of low income #housing tax credit projects
  20. For those interested in low income housing inequalities, like you @FieldsDesiree, check out…. #BCDCSI
  21. Allan Parnell: home-owners insurance redlining returns by rerdg public tax parcel data & "disparate impact" study #critgeog #BCDCSI
  22. Allan Parnell: layered tax parcels & racial geographies to indicate size of homes by race-->Latinos have smallest homes #inequality #BCDCSI
  23. Allan Parnell: LUNA v. Napa Co. placed low incoming #housing sites at top of difficult to reach mtns & no sewage #racism #BCDCSI
  24. Allan Parnell: best low incoming #housing site in Napa Valley is superfund site on a flood plain--claim for environmental protection #BCDCSI
  25. Allan Parnell: those who pick the grapes of Napa Valley must live w/out water or basic services or in toxic dump, 8-22mi to grocery #BCDCSI
  26. Allan Parnell: many of purported Napa Co. low income #housing sites are dried desert sites or bogus sites on college campus #BCDCSI
  27. Allan Parnell: lastly they offer archaeological sites which will be removed as low income #housing sites--Latinos kept homeless #BCDCSI
  28. Allan Parnell: Antonia Maneul et al. v City of Lake Worth = racially targeted code enforcement-->show intent to discriminate in maps #BCDCSI
  29. Allan Parnell: trace patterns of complaints by police harassment to #Latino residential homes & showed patterns over time #critgeog #BCDSCI
  30. Allan Parnell: Lake Worth police put people on street in claim of public safety in 2009 as "code enforcement" for # people in homes #BCDCSI
  31. Allan Parnell: Everett v. Pitt County (NC) Board of Ed = school re-segregation in 2012(!) #racism #inequality #BCDCSI
  32. Allan Parnell: "the scale at which you measure things mattered" = reveal racial inequalities at hshld that census tracts cover #race #BCDCSI
  33. Allan Parnell: Pitt Co. wouldn't change white school boundaries but keep moving kids of color by changing their boundaries #race #BCDCSI
  34. Allan Parnell: GIS/socsci data can prove injustice, such as $9mil St. Bernard Parish LA case "we have to maintain our demographic" #BCDCSI
  35. Allan Parnell: Baltimore & Memphis v. Wells Fargo = "reverse redlining" = targeting neighborhoods w give loans could never pay #race #BCDCSI
  36. Allan Parnell: "some local govts use admin powers to share local political geographies to structure inequality" #race #BCDCSI
  37. Allan Parnell: "We now have tools to document these expose these actions including support of litigation." #BCDCSI
  38. Ques from audience: you document injustice in the past but how can we prevent these geographic injustices?
  39. Allan Parnell: It's hard to prevent & who has time? Local groups take on responsibility. Law changes help a lot. #BCDCSI #racism #inequality
  40. For more on Allan Parnell & his colleagues' work, see Cedar Grove Institute for Sustainable Communities #geoweb
  41. Ques from audience: once data has been made accessible, how do you obtain it? Parnell: lawyers get it in discovery usually.
  42. Allan Parnell: But: "Data from public is usually more powerful bc you can say this is *your* data." Sometimes we go door-to-door. #BCDCSI
  43. Allan Parnell: courts more convinced by public govt data bc the data you are using is theirs. #BCDCSI #geoweb
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