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Why Is Cher Arguing with Native Twitter?

Cher and her fans have spent the past WEEK attacking Native Americans calling out the diva for cultural misappropriation and for falsely claiming Native identity for personal enrichment.


  1. On December 22nd, a Canadian-born singer announces she is now the Native American representative on Trump's National Diversity Council. She claims to have been a former Pussycat Doll, which the group disputes. She also claims to have a full-blooded Apache father for which she has no proof either.
  2. Native Americans respond to her unverified claims of Native ancestry and claims to represent them to the Trump Administration on social media and also by expressing their outrage wittily on her Wikipedia entry.
  3. "Iron Eyes Kaya" as she is dubbed by Native Twitter (an allusion to the false claims of Native ancestry by Italian-American actor Iron Eyes Cody) responds by sharing Cher's song "Half Breed" and slamming her critics as racists.
  4. As Native Twitter discusses this and wonder again that Americans still believe Cher is Native and speaks for them, Cher, herself, weighs in:
  5. I admit I tried to play off her epithets at me in a playful but direct way. I initially wrote off her cursing as "Well, that's Cher." Honestly, 9 days later, I feel differently.
  6. I also introduced myself politely in the correct way to an alleged Native American elder.
  7. Native Twitter, I have to admit now, had a more correct reading of the situation.
  8. Things appear to be going well (well, better than can be expected) between Cher and Native Twitter when she promised to retire her "beautiful Costume" and stop singing the offensive song.
  9. But the next morning, Cher came back in ALL CAPS roaring at Native Twitter and her followers followed suit.
  10. Somehow, Cher and her fans never got around to calling out Trump's Pretendian appointee who brought her into this whole discussion on Native Twitter. Odd.