A Study of Selfishness

Socials Midterm, Term 3, 2015, by Jamie Fajber


  1. At the beginning of this term, my class and I wrote a post detailing "where we were going." At the end of the text I published on my blog I asked a question: where does our selfishness end? That question became a theme for the entire socials term to follow.
  2. Through this collection of digital evidence and anecdotal writings, I hope to show how I have met a variety of Socials PLO's, as well as demonstrate the threads that I'm pulling at with regards to my query on selfishness from the start of term.
  3. The PLO's I will be highlighting my success in are: A1, A3, and B2. Beginning with B2 (understanding the interactions between British and First Nations peoples), the article above was an excellent read discussing the real prevalence of modern day Canadian discrimination.
  4. Follow that up with the fact that I role-played the first Prime Minister of Canada... despite the BC education system having huge gaps when it comes to First Nations history and culture, I can safely say that I have had more learning on this topic, this term, than in the rest of my life. Between the debates, and the twitter wars...
  5. PM TALONS Confederation Role Play #1 | 03.25.15
  6. Discussing the POSSIBILITY of a Pan-Aboriginal Confederation was enlightening. To be honest, Jamie Fajber was almost persuaded, although John A. Macdonald was not.
  7. A3 (demonstrating effective oral, graphic, and written communication skills; both individually and collaboratively) is, I believe, the most easily demonstrated successful PLO. I believe that throughout the Confederation role-play I was a driving force of dialogue, whether it was through the in class debates or the final address.
  8. Again, it was interesting how most of my assignments seemed to align themselves under the common theme of selfishness. John A. was a selfish bastard who reneged on promises and drank away his troubles - but is hailed as a Canadian icon.
  9. The "daily work habits" that Mr. Jackson has been preaching to the TALONS class corresponds to A1 the most effectively (critical thinking skills.) During our current events discussions, this article was brought to my attention.
  10. It is fascinating, as we learn about empires and we examine the folly of human cooperation, that such a group exists. Becoming educated on the most dangerous and complex terrorist cohort of the past century was an experience in and of itself - it is a mad world we live in.
  11. Furthermore, there were a variety of lucid discussions, such as the empire questions! Link. Or the debate over the morality and legality of strip searching a teenager.