CAA UK 2011

A little story about the 2 day Computer Applications in Archaeology (CAA) UK Chapter conference, 2011.


  1. Though I've been a bit absent from the UK Chapter meetings of the Computer Applications in Archaeology of recent years, I'm so glad that I went along this year. It's was hosted in Birmingham at the VISTA center - who by the way has been doing lots of amazing digi research in archaeology (with the fancy toys to match!) and has finally allowed me to finally get a glimpse of this side of the country.

    I kind of expected a few more tweeters in the crowd - especially as there were even papers on social media and networking this year - but nevertheless I think we had some interesting discussions along the way.

    Day 1: Everyone arrived in Birmingham, and were welcomed by Vince Gaffney, the convener from the VISTA center:
  2. And some missing people were following from afar:
  3. After lunch the first paper was given by Leon Barker on "Using Web3D to Integrate Motion Capture data with 3D Visualisation - facilitating historic re-enactments through the web-browser", which started some fun conversations about archaeologists and motion capture:
  4. Then it was on to Eugene Ch'ng from VISTA, the first of a few talks on Agent Based Modeling (ABM). There was also a focus here on "complexity science". I personally, have some reservations about the ABM but was interesting to talk to others via Twitter about the usual issues surrounding the method: