Archaeologists & the Digital: Towards Strategies of Engagement

A Storify about the CASPAR workshop on digital engagement for archaeology on May 16, 2011 at the UCL Institute for Archaeology.


  1. This Storify account attempts to bring together a Twitter conversation on during the workshop on digital engagement in Archaeology. Not many RT's were included, but made up a size-able proportion of tweets - particularly following the end of the workshop.
    A more in depth post on the various papers, highlights and discussions done by Dan Pett can be found on his blog post.
    There were various announcements and tweets leading up to the workshop:

  2. And some complaints about the obscure hashtag:

  3. And some self-professed followers from who couldn't make it to the IoA: (And some that turned up later - @PatHadley!)

  4. Tweets announcing arrival and presence at the workshop:

  5. Complaint about wireless and issues with connecting... (Somehow I managed to get on to Eduroam):