To Kill A Mockingbird

Rabid Dog Runs Streets of Maycomb

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    Today at noon in the quiet town of Maycomb, Alabama, citizens were disturbed by a rabid dog wandering the streets. Distinguished lawyer of Maycomb, Atticus Finch, arrived on the scene in just enough time to shoot the dog with his rifle before the dog could come close to any people.  

  3. The mad dog was first spotted by Jean Louis "Scout" Finch and Jeremy Atticus "Jem" Finch, the children of Atticus Finch, and their black nanny, Calpurnica. 
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  5. The dog showed obvious signs of rabies: aggression, combativeness, and weakness in the limbs.

    "I looked outside while I was watching the children and saw this animal, I was not quite sure what it was at first, stumbling down the streets. It was not walking right and it sure did not look alright," reflects Calpurnica. "I phoned Mr. Finch and had him come as soon as possible before the dog could reach the children or hurt anyone."

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  7. Despite his distance from the mad dog, Mr. Finch hit the dog in one shot, living up to his name as "One-shot Finch."

    “I have never seen my daddy shoot like that. The kids at school always make fun of my daddy, but now I have a story to tell them!” boasts Mr. Finch’s youngest child, daughter “Scout”.
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  9. When Mr. Finch first heard word of the sick dog roaming his street, he arrived promptly on the scene with Maycomb’s sheriff, Heck Tate.

    “When I got the call from our nanny, Calpurnica, I rushed home because she was frantically telling me there was a  strange, potentially harmful animal on our street, Main Street,” says Mr. Finch. “I knew my children were home and other people were home on the block and I did not want anyone to be in danger.”

    Neither the owner of the dog nor the source of the dog’s rabies has been uncovered. Maycomb folks are just thankful to have their streets safe again.
  10. In this prominently white community, Mr. Finch has also made headlines recently with his bold decision to defend a black man, Tom Robinson.

    Robinson has been accused of raping a white woman, Mayella Ewell, so it has surprised the community that someone as respected as Mr. Finch would accept a case like this one. 

    “My evidence gives me reason to truly believe in the
    innocence of Mr. Robinson. He is a good man, whether his skin color is black or white. You need to take a walk in someone else’s shoes,” says Mr. Finch. “ If I didn't defend Tom Robinson I couldn't hold up my head in town, I couldn't represent this country in the legislature.”

    Robinson’s trial is scheduled to go to court next month.

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